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Be sure to bring a digital camera! I specifically recommend digital cameras because you have the ability to take lots of pictures without wasting film. If you have a tight schedule and lots to see, you don't want to waste your time trying to take the perfect shot. Have a digital camera allows you to take lots of pictures without worrying too much about how they turn out. When you have a spare moment, you can go through and delete pictures you don't want. Spend more of your time seeing the sights!

Optimize your time! I only had a few days for many of the trips I took, so I had to find ways to see as much as possible in a short amount of time. If you are in the same situation, I recommend looking into a guided tour. Taking a guided tour allows you to see more than if you were just trying to travel around by yourself. There are lots of different types of guided tours, including one day tours or multiple day tours. If multiple day tours don't include room and board, then they make it easily available. Most tours also include opportunities to get out and see some sights on foot.

Take the bus! Within a large city like Paris, bus tours make it possible to see all the sites because there are busses constantly touring the city. You can pick and choose which sites you want to spend more time off, by getting off the bus and taking as much time as you'd like to explore. Once you're done, hop on the next bus and head to another stop!

Check out these tours! If you’re going to be in England, Scotland or Wales, I highly recommend the tour company I used in Scotland. It's called Haggis Adventures and they go all over Scotland. They also offer tours in England and Wales. The tours are designed for younger people, so they are reasonably priced and lots of fun. The guides are native to Scotland and are very knowledgeable. This tour company is also very good about getting you off the bus and out into the countryside with hikes or overnight stays in hostels. Haggis Adventures also has a sister company, Shamrocker, which operates in Ireland.

Remember to relax! Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing. Travel can be stressful, but do your best to stay positive and have fun. I always try to do something to treat myself while I'm on vacation, whether it is staying in a nicer hotel than I would normally stay in or splurging on a fancy dinner. Do something special. It will make the trip that much more memorable and I guarantee you'll enjoy yourself a whole lot more.