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I believe that most of us can agree that in the economy today, college students don't exactly have the money to spend for any kind of serious travel. Luckily for me I don't have to go very far to get away from it all. Let me introduce the reader to a lovely town called Mikanopy.

When I first came to Gainesville, I didn't know what I was going to do for fun. Growing up in Niceville, Florida, I lived just three miles away from Destin Beach, which was all the entertainment I needed. But in Gainesville, there is no ocean, no beach to lay out on, and certainly no saltwater fishing.

But then I discovered Micanopy. Although you can't really play beach volleyball there, it makes up for it by being one of the most photogenic little towns I've ever been to.

Some of my favorite things about Micanopy is that if you go out there on any Sunday you will see a blugrass band playing at their Historic District Cafe where they serve a mean BLT and one of few restaurants that serve IBC Cream Soda and Root Beer. Also, if you enjoy shopping there's an entire strip of boutiques that sell antiques for your home. Also, I love pizza, and coincidentally, there's a top-notch pizza parlor called Blue Highway Cafe just across from the Historic District of Micanopy. Here is where they serve the most incredible deep-dish pizzas and pork sandwiches you will ever eat, ever!

If the town itself isn't enough for you, the stops along the way might interest you. Driving south on SW 13th Street, you will pass Payne's Prairie, about a mile long strip of road where all you see is the natural beauty of Alachua County. This is the first park preserve of Florida, where you can explore various trails, see all sorts of wildlife as bison and gators and see lilly pads bursting into bloom when Spring arrives.

Micanopy is an older town with a rich history, dubbed the "Great Alachua Savannah" by Wiliam Bartram, and while it isn't the beaches of Destin nor does it have the nightlife you can find in downtown Gainesville, it's a great place to sit back, enjoy a glass of sweet iced tea, and just for a moment, feel like you're on a small vacation far away from your worries.