I feel that everyone should have goals in life, I imagine you do too since the only way you know about this page is if you are in Mass Communication Over The Internet at UF and probably had the goal of attending this University. Great job! However, I like to write down my goals, this is for two reasons:

  • 1) I can edit them as I please.
  • 2) I have a really bad memory.
  • The following are some difinitive goals that I hope to accomplish over the years of my life:

    1. Go to a Foo Fighters concert.
    2. Become Scuba-certified.
    3. Start my own business.
    4. Incorporate a community center for underprivileged youth into that business.
    5. Go to seven different countries.
    6. Go skydiving.
    7. Go on a two month long excursion across the U.S. with friends, preferably those who know how to change a tire.
    8. Learn to play the guitar.
    9. Learn to play the drums.
    10. Relearn the piano.
    11. Become a licensed sign language interpreter.
    12. Surf Hawaii.
    13. Start my own product line.
    14. Meet Kelly Slater.
    15. Start a community garden.
    16. Become an active member of a community council so that I can be force in the positive of my community.
    17. Earn an MBA.

    This is a small list of my many goals, but, these are the few closest to my heart.