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Hi my name is Cassandra Chisholm. I am a 21 year old advertising student at the University of Florida. I' ve been living in Gainesville "Titletown" Florida for the last three years, but I'm originally from Niceville, Florida, where my two parents, seventeen year old brother and two dogs reside.

When I originally attended the University of Florida I started as a Communication Sciences and Disorders student. I recieved my bachelor of arts degree in summer of 2007 and had been accepted into UF's graduate program for Audiology. After a year of poaring hearing aid models and evaluating the proper regimen for cerumen management, I decided that perhaps, Audiology just wasn't for me.

After careful thought I chose to leave the graduate school for Audiology and decided to pursue a new career in Advertising instead.

So now I am, as you know, a post-baccalaureate student of advertising who hopes to graduate with her second B.A. at the end of this coming summer.

Also, I currently work as a sales representative. During the day, I work as an advertising sales executive for "The Independent Florida Alligator." In the afternoons I also work Gainesville Health and Fitness where I promote sales for their newest program, The Legacy Forum, a company that deals in life coaching, sales training, and eventually, continuing education units for those wish to further their career as a life coach.

I'm also studying to receive my personal training license this winter after I finish my qualifying exam and a month of shadowing with some of the personal trainers who already work for Gainesville Health and Fitness.

Aside from working and studying for what seems to be every moment every waking moment, believe or not, I some time for an occasional hobby. I even have a place I love to go when I really need to unwind.

Most importantly, I have a short "to do" list. I have an entire list of goals that I want to accomplish in my life, a list that I hope you enjoy and will inspire you to consider what you really want to accomplish.

I hope you've enjoyed reading a little about myself. If you'd like to conctact me my e-mail is