Morgan's Homepage

How I spend my free time

At the beach with friends

Zeta Tau Alpha

I am a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity. I joined as a Freshman and it has shaped my college experience. I have made lifelong friends and found a home away from home. I participate in philantropic events, service projects, social funtions and sisterhood events. If I am not doing school work I can always find something to do through Zeta.


I have always been the picture taker of my group of friends. My dad has always been into photography so I imagine that I got my interest from him. I took photojournalism in the Spring of 2008. I really enjoyed this class and was able to get a number of photos published. I shoot with a Nikon D70.


I am extremely busy and one thing that makes me feel better is taking care of myself by exercising. My favorite forms of exercise are swimming and yoga. I have been competitively swimming since before I can remember. I got really into it in high school and was on the school team for 3 years. I also started doing yoga in high school.

Go Gators

Me and Melissa at a football game

I am a huge Florida Gator's fan. I go to as many football games as possible.

Music & Movies

I love going to movies when I have the time. My recent favorites are The Dark Knight and Sex and the City. I am also really into music. I am constantly looking for new artists and songs. If I am in my car or in my room I usually have my new favorite playlist on. I am a really big fan of John Mayer. I went to one of his concerts in Tampa this year.