Man Statue at the South Street Seaport

I know that when I travel, I like to find great places to eat. I'm always looking for places that serve fresh food, which tastes great and doesn't empty my wallet. There were a few places that I went to in New York that I would definitely suggest going to for a meal.

Some of the restaurants that we went to were:

Little Italy

Europa Café is a great place to go if your looking for fresh lunch food that is very filling. It's in the bottom of the Empire State Building so they're constantly refreshing the food. Plus, the prices are pretty low.

Il Porto is another place with filling meals at a great price. They have everything from salads to sandwiches. The restaurant has wall to wall windows, so you get a nice view of people walking as you eat, and the restaurant also has seating outside for those nice cool spring and fall days.

La Bella Ferrara is a small place in Little Italy, with huge desserts. Like the other restaurants I mentioned, its prices are low, but the portions are massive. I would advise going here when you have tons of room for dessert.

Last but definitely not least, Bagel Maven. The restaurant serves great breakfast and lunch at low prices, including fresh bagels with great strawberry and blueberry cream cheese. They also have an amazing pasta salad that I would just make a trip to the city for.

Remembering the place that you went to eat is important. Sometimes it can be hard to find a place where you love to eat, so if you lose the name or location of that place, believe me, you will regret it. Remembering a name also comes in handy when recommending it to a friend or a coworker.

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