I had wanted to be a chef ever since I was 7 years old. I knew it at the bottom of my heart. There was only one point during my senior year of high school when I had wanted to be a journalist, but I went right back to my culinary dreams. After a few years in the field and a year in culinary school, I turned my sights back to journalism.

Since the culinary school didn't offer any other majors that I wanted, I moved back to Wellington. I went to a couple of colleges, including Palm Beach Community College and Santa Fe College, before ending up at UF. Even though it was a tough decision, I have to say that leaving culinary school was one of the best choices that I have made.

I am currently a journalism major, and the College of Journalism and Communications has given me all of the opportunities that I've hoped for. I've been able to pursue my love of photography, design and editing all in one place.

I have worked in a few different places, but I have decided to included my most relevant experiences on my resumé. I have photography, writing and editing experience. I am skilled with both Macintosh and Windows computers, and I can write minimal HTML and CSS.

I hope you enjoy my resumé (60KB pdf), and please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have.

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