View in Central Park

In May 2008, I took a trip to New York City with my mother. Although I travel to New York often, I have never really been to the city as a tourist. We went to the Empire State Building, Central Park, the World Trade Center and the South Street Seaport. We also did some shopping in Chinatown, which I would definitely recommend, and then went to have some dessert in Little Italy.

Since I love photography so much, I brought my camera along and took a ton of pictures. I put many of the Central Park pictures on my photography Web site.

South Street Seaport

We decided to travel in style and took taxis everywhere, however, that can be very expensive. Another problem with taxis is that you have to know where you are going. If you don't know the exact street where you are going, like if you are going to a friend's house, then taxis won't be very helpful.

On another trip to the city with some friends, I took the Subway everywhere. It's much cheaper, and you just need a temporary MetroCard for the day. Although the Subway system may seem confusing at first, there are always maps and usually people there to help. However, I would strongly advise familiarizing yourself with the system before leaving for the city.

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