One of the things I like to do is eat BBQ. I will go out of my way for a long drive if there is BBQ at stake. I drive once a week thirty minutes out of town for BBQ with my roomates. My favorite meal is a pork sandwich with coleslaw.

I enjoy playing instruments when I can. At my house in Tampa, we have a piano I enjoy playing. I have never had lessons but I enjoy playing simple little melodies, especially ones from movies. I like to play the guitar as well. I like the spanish classical guitar the best for its tone and nylon strings.

I have been fishing ever since I was a little boy. I grew up by a lake so I have a preference for freshwater fishing for largemouth bass. My interest for fishing does not mean I am talented at it though. I rarely catch anything other than seaweed. On the occasion I do catch a fish, I usually pull the rod up too hard and snap the line.