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First of all, I did not know any Chinese or Taiwanese when I visited Taiwan. Everyone on the way to Taiwan understood English and not much communication is necessary with officials as long as all paperwork is completed correctly.

Almost everything needed for a trip is taken care of months before you leave. It helps to have a contact to help you get around for the duration of your stay as I did. This can be done through social networks online or through local institutions. I have a Taiwanese girlfriend, so I skipped that step. Plane tickets are cheaper the sooner you purchase them, so it is suggested that you purchase them at least three months ahead of departure date, and be sure to purchase round-trip tickets unless it is not a visit.

Preparing for the trip can be a time consuming, not including the 24 hour plane trip itself. Once you get there, what will you do? I used an unorthodox method. I downloaded 'Google Earth' and toured Taipei from above. I chose the largest and neatest buildings and then used the tags from the program to search further information. It also helps to simply search google.com for travel tips, but that's what I'm for.

This site helped me find destinations around Taiwan. Keep in mind that while these destinations are from round the country, Taiwan is about the size of Florida.

One thing that I look for when planning for places to travel is what looks the coolest. I'm sure that you are much more interested in the history or practical attributes of Taiwan however. This does a great job of describing different areas within Taiwan and will even go into detail for more cities than does 'Whose Travel'.

When I traveled to Taiwan, the main destination was Taipei. A secondary destination was 'Sun Moon Lake', a relaxing place with beautiful scenery and a nearby town. Because I was in Taiwan for less than thirty days, I did not need a visa. Only if you plan on staying for longer than thirty days would a visa be required, in which case you could choose a number of different types. The number of places and forms of travel around Taiwan becomes very dynamic if you have an independent tour guide or a friend available to help you. I suggest a friend for it will reduce the cost dramatically. I would not suggest making relationships in several countries for the potential of travel, but it does not hurt to make acquaintances.

If you need help in planning the trip and finding out what the requirements are for travel to Taiwan, it does not hurt to consult the embassy's website or their referring site.

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