Nick in Taiwan

A little drive from Taipei, Taiwan to 'Sun Moon Lake'. Notice the driving style.

(1)Street Pic (2)Bathroom
(3)Pic of Night Streets (4)Palmfarm Pic
(5)Pic of Traditional Temple (6)Inn Picture

A little drive from Taipei, Taiwan to 'Sun Moon Lake'. Notice the driving style.

Street Pic Bathroom Pic of Night Streets Palmfarm Pic Pic of Traditional Temple Inn Picture


There are many things to enjoy from the cultural, geographical, and social environment in Taiwan.

1. Taipei is a fairly crowded city in general, but is easily witnessed in the street. Sidewalks are often occupied for use of parking, vendors, or many other obstructions. Walking in the street with oncoming traffic was common during my stay there, however it was not as dangerous as if I were doing so in America. Though crowded, the city has constant activity which draws out the cluttering.

2. Taiwan has their own set of traditions and quite different from that of America's. Their bathrooms as well as their home standards are different, though not incorrect. If you notice, that toilet does not flush, but the restroom also did not smell.

3. The 'Night Street' picture shows a major difference between Taiwan's style of driving and most Americans' driving. We were parked in the right lane of traffic to pick up some food from Pizza Hut. The cars behind us understood and were accepting that we were parking and drove around us.

4. There was a lot of agriculture toward the middle of Taiwan. We saw many palm tree farms, rice farms, and bamboo farms.

5. Temples are very common in Taiwan, but are in abundance in Taipei. There are temples whose sole purpose is for praying for a relationship, and different ones for general purposes like praying for a good job. Some rituals involve burning scrolls and the more scrolls you burn, the better.

6. This was our room at a bed and breakfast on the edge of 'Sun Moon Lake'. Shoes were to not be used on the wooden floor, and the restroom had a western-style toilet. There were two sinks, though only one is visible, on the left side of the picture. One was standard hot/cold water, but the other sink dispensed only steaming water. Perhaps for tea that was placed near it. This room seems to be similar to American hotels for its simple layout, but I declare it a bed-n-breakfast for their dinner, breakfast, and evening tea accommodations.

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