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Early Screenshot of Ubuntu With Various Open Programs.


Early Screenshot of Ubuntu With Various Open Programs.

Information Collecting

There are a number of hobbies I have accumulated over the years. I enjoy photography, desktop customization, and data collection.

I have a knack for finding information that interests me. I grew up on dial-up but had access to high speed internet through friends and government facilities. I had this perspective that any information that I lost on my computer would be difficult to recover, so I developed a habit/hobby of categorizing media and information I discovered on the web. Some of the information I found led to one of my hobbies of desktop customization.

By 'desktop customization', I mean to customize the desktop background, icon theme, installed apps, window manager, and a variety of other customizable attributes to an OS, including the login screen. The information that I found and then continued researching and collecting was the Linux OS. Initially my interest was in Fedora 6. Now I have fallen in love with Ubuntu. Now I have nearly every program type I would want, have fixed many bugs with drivers that may inhibit program use, and other obstacles that allow me to fully customize MY desktop.

Photography is a hobby I inherited from my mother. She was a photographer whose inspiration was underwater sea life.

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