who i am.

i strive to be unlike anyone you have ever met before.

i like cameras that have manual settings.

i am the proud owner of a nikon d80.

i love to sit at picnic tables and people watch.

i judge character well.

i perceive myself as being exceedingly intuitive.

i focus on the bigger picture.

i listen to music all day.

i aim to change lives.

i donate time to help cancer kids like me.

i enjoy painting my nails hot pink.

i consciously try to be tolerant, open-minded and accepting.

i watch the disney channel for peace of mind.

i offer constructive criticism well.

i deliberately matched my computer with the color scheme in my room.

i laugh a lot.

i wear converse, vans, rainbows and heels.

i sing whitney houston in my car. loudly.

i drink coffee on a regular basis.

i drive-thru chick-fil-a just for an ice cream cone.

i struggle with things that require balance.

i can't jump rope, hula-hoop or cartwheel.

i critique design often.

i obsess over everything apple.

i don't watch horror movies.

i french-braid my hair and put baby barrettes in it.

i hate apple pie.

i count down the days till birthdays and christmas.

i know a lot more than you might guess.

i wrote the html for this page.

i cherish life and the future the world holds for me.

e-mail me.