Wahine Classic At Wrightsville Beach, NC When the surf is flat, it's a truly depressing time in every surfer's life. It's like working up an appetite and going to your favorite restaurant, only to be turned away by an 'out of business' sign. What else is there to do?

You pick up a magazine. Inside are articles about far away places with pictures of the best waves you've ever seen. The hunger inside grows. So, you put the magazine down and turn on your favorite surf video. Flicks of perfect waves are moving across your face. The waves are so close, you can taste them. Where are you going to go?

With the growing interest in surfing, the desire to travel is inevitable. Whether surfing your homebreak has lost your interest or the waves are especially flat during a season, perfect waves in a faraway land are calling. The next step is doing some research.

Depending on what season you want to go, some places may be better than others. You also want to know what to expect when travelling with a surfboard. And finally, when you get there you need some local language.

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