KarLiE AyN StAnToN


I was born in Miami, Florida and resided there for 15 years. My parents decided to move to a town in Georgia called Roswell. For 10th through 12th grade I attended Roswell High School. Now I am back in Florida for school at the University of Florida.

"That is the best - to laugh with someone because you both think
the same things are funny."
-Gloria Vanderbilt

This is me and Karon, my best friend. We are two crazy girls who are never
satisfied with anything unless we are both on the floor laughing until we cry.
Our favorite movie is Clueless, without which our lives may not be as exciting.
We can sit down and watch the movie and not have to worry about sound.

And now... to learn more about my family.

Or... you can learn about my favorite insect, the butterfly.