My Wheels

My primary mode of transportation is my bicycle. The bike is a Fuji cyclocross. The tires are slightly thicker than the average road bike, but significantly skinnier than the typical mountain bike. This means that they have enough tread to handle slight off-road trails and dirt. The frame is aluminum, and the fork is carbon. The combination of different metals allows the cyclocross to absorb more vibrations and makes for a smoother ride. All of these factors make it an ideal bike for commuting to school and work.


Cyclocross bikes are made to be light enough to pick up and move over obstacles, like curbs or other random things that come up in the daily commute. An added plus to riding a bicycle is that the rising gas prices are an affliction that I notice, but primarily they have nothing to do with me. The worst thing about riding a bicycle in Gainesville is the extreme temperatures that happen in the summer and winter.