My Hobbies

When I meet someone, one of the first things I do is find out where our interests connect. In those times I'm mapping out the overlapping pieces like movies, books, and video games and fitting them together in a Venn diagram. What we like defines to a certain extent who we are.


I've been playing bass since I was a teenager. Although I've picked up other instruments now and then, I find that I keep coming back to playing bass primarily. Bass is an interesting instrument, and bass players tend to take different roles. I'm the type of player who likes to play minimally, but play the right thing for the specific song. I have an old Peavey bass that I bought 10 years ago. The old thing's a gaudy green color with a mother of pearl pick guard. The personality of the bass and the personality with which I play it are not on the same wavelength at all. However, the bass is really light weight and it sounds great.

Playing bass is my serious creative hobby. I have other hobbies, like playing video games, reading obscure novels, and seeing independent movies that consume a significant amount of my free time, but are not quite as serious.