Stuff I'm into (or the three components that block the door to the insanity ward)

My Cat

His name's Mitch. I love to hate him. He sleeps all day long, but the second I turn out the lights he decides it's time to test his speed by dashing across the apartment at full speed and (things be damned) crash into the wall - mainly because he hasn't yet figured out how to slow down. He meows all night while I try to sleep, and when he jumps on the bed he tries to knead my stomach. Other than that he's my buddy.

My Best Friend

Ben Brew. He had terminal cancer at age 18 and was given a slim to none chance of survival. His outlook on life is incredible considering what he has been through, and any time I get angry or upset he puts me in my place. He's also probably the fuynniest person I know

My on again/off again other half Emily Lake

As far as I'm concerned (and trust me I'm no expert), love is a fluke. Well, the heart pounding, chest-thumping and lusty-eyed variety, anyway. Love to me is the admiration of good qualities in a person mixed with attraction and the ability to see a future with them. To me, Emily Lake is the most beautiful womam I have ever met, inside and out, and I look forward to every moment I get to spend with her.

Unforutnately, our relationship is a rocky one that's riddled with indiscretions on my part. I'm in the process of repairing the damage, but human collateral is the worst kind, and she's an open wound. All I can do is the next right thing.