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Welcome (or the definitive lack of any cohesive thought)

I went to a community college. Hell, I barely graduated from high school. At 18, all I wanted to do was get high and play rock music. The world was wide open, and I was gonna be famous. I mean, loved. What I had was special. Someone deserving of recognition and not just admired but really, really loved.

Fast forward ten years - I'm pushing 30 and far from famous. I'm recovering from years of drug abuse and a nasty whiskey habit. I found god and try my best to stay two steps ahead of the devil, but he's always nipping at my heels. By nipping I mean sometimes my mouth waters when I start thinking about that first drink.

The fact that I have the opportunity to learn skills like this in a field I love is a truly humbling experience. I may not be the best at design (obviously), but I remember what it feels like to work thirteen hours straight on my feet at a dingy restaurant only to blow all my tips for flavored drinks at the bar.

Basically, I'm happy to have clawed my way here, and it's everything I never imagined it could be. If you're so inclined, take a look around the site.