Meredith Rutland's Trips

An aquafer in Spain. Spanish skyscape

If I could, I'd travel to Taiwan using only the instructions from Google Maps. It says to kayak to Hawaii and jet ski to Japan. That would indeed be an epic trip; however, I am not a strong kayaker. Sadly, I must be content with air travel.

While I could not, and still cannot, speak more than a few sentences of Spanish, I visited Spain in the summer of '08. It truly is a beautiful country. A word of advice: if you go, avoid all Starbucks and fast food restaurants in Madrid. They're key pickpocket spots because everyone knows that's where the Americans hang out. My old passport is lying around somewhere in the streets of Madrid because of this. However, I highly recommend you visit Segovia and Toledo. They're the most beautiful, cultural and friendly places I've been to in some time.

Since I am a student, my transportation is very limited. My legs are my car; a bus is my plane. I walk to all of my classes, and I generally use Miami Bus Service to get from Gainesville to my hometown. They're very good (better than GMG Transports, and cheaper too).