Meredith Rutland's Hobbies

My friends and I at my 19th birthday party. Me, right, and a friend, right, walking around the University of Florida campus.

I enjoy writing in many mediums, but I specialize in fiction and non-fiction articles. I'm heavily involved in the Creative Writing Club on campus. It's a tiny club, but that suits me just fine. You can view a sample of my work here: The Window. At the moment I'm working on a longer piece about life, love and ghosts. I'm not sure when it will (or if it will ever) be finished, but I do promise it won't be sappy!

I also thoroughly enjoy camping. I traced Lewis and Clark's voyage from Independence, Mo. to the Pacific Ocean in '06, trekked all around Alaska in the summer of '07 and visited a myriad of Florida and Georgia parks, all thanks to my high school camping club: Comprehensive Outdoor Education Program (COEP). I plan to go back to Alaska this summer to work for COEP as a counselor. My COEP name is Sage. We name everything (and I mean everything).
See a slide show of my COEP trek to Alaska.

Religion has always been a part of my life, but recently I found a way to make my faith fun. I take part in activities with Gator Wesley, a student-oriented Methodist church. We worship, hang out, play games, eat food, do volunteer work and just find awesome ways to spend our time. I've played many an Apples to Apples game with that group, and I thank them for being such entertaining and high-quality people.

Recently, I've found a great way to share all the little things I find so fascinating without annoying my friends. I've taken up blogging! I'm generally praising the wonders of the cup cookie, testing the limits of the human body when removed from Facebook for 168 hours, or recounting those little things that keep life interesting. You can find my blog right here. Go check it out. It's quite awesome if I do say so myself.

But in general, I'm just like everyone else. I go to classes, I do my work and I like to spend time with my friends, family and my boyfriend. I try to enjoy life. After all, why bother with all the stress of life if you can't have fun sometimes?