A headshot of me

My love of telling stories started at a very young age. I'd always had a boundless imagination, and in the 4th grade I joined the storytelling club at Brookwood Elementary School in Clear Lake, Texas. I must've told the story of the pied piper of Hamelin at least 20 times to students in every grade level.

You could say my foray into actual journalism started when I was a fifth grader at Bayshore Elementary School in North Fort Myers, Florida. I spent hours after school to produce the morning news for Bayshore's WBEN.

It wasn't until high school that my flare for journalism truly ignited. I joined the staff of JP Taravella High School's newspaper, The Chariot. What began on somewhat of a whim became a full-blown obsession. In my three years there, I moved all the way up the management ladder, from staff writer to centerspread editor to editor-in-chief.

Come college application time, it was only natural that I chose the University of Florida because of its J school, consistently ranked one of the best programs in the country. I love what I'm learning, and unlike thousands of my peers, have yet to switch my major (and won't).

While the state of the media world has many people worried, I'm not one of those people. I am a firm believer that journalism is NOT dying, it's just changing - and I am changing for it. It's not just about writing and photography anymore. It's about video, audio, and the internet. It's about multimedia.

With all this in mind, I'll be producing multimedia content for an internship at the Miami Herald this summer. I am so excited to continue my education in the many forms of journalism, so please check back in the summer of 2010. By then, I'll have more than just writing samples to offer you.

This Web site was created to meet the requirements of the University of Florida's Communication on the Internet class. All CSS and HTML were hand coded by me. All the graphics were designed by me, but the sandcastle and sand dollar in my headers were from brushes found at www.obsidiandawn.com.