Around Massachusetts

Here are some pictures and link of places I went to in Boston.

Trips outside Boston City

A friend and I on the Peter Pan Bus

Getting around was a bit hard but thanks to the Peter Pan buses and their great prices, it was really easy.

Amherst, Massachusetts

Outside Emily Dickinson's Museum

The reason for out visit to Amherst was to visit the house of the great American poet Emily Dickinson. The house has now become a museum and part of our project was to visit it.

Salem, Massachusetts
me outside the witch museum

Salem was by far my favorite trip. The town is a quiet little town filled with mystery and myths. The people were incredibly nice and you could make friends in any corner. I absolutely suggest that if you plan on going to this town, stop by the Salem Witch museum, which gives you a tour of the Salem witch trials, and the House of Seven Gables, the house that was the inspiration for Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel. Those two historic places are so rich with history and culture that anyone of any age would enjoy.

me outside the house of seven gables