Me Rock Climbing What I mostly like to do for fun is watch sports with friends. I love my Gator football and when it comes to the NFL I follow the Dolphins as well as the Vikings. I don't follow basketball as much as I would like to, mostly because there are about 80 games in season, but I try to catch as many Heat games as I can.

I also enjoy playing poker and go to the Hard Rock when I'm in Miami. When I'm not in town I play online through Full Tilt Poker.

I am very open to different activities and can have a good time whether I am just sitting in front of the TV or outdoors being adventurous. I went to climb a rock wall not too long along and was very proud of myself when I made it to the top. I want to be able to do more random activities like that so that when I get older I can say "When I was your age, I did that and MORE!"