My travels have mainly been restricted to the southeast, with one fleeting trip to Cozumel, Mexico. One of my life's goals is to remedy this lack of trans-continental and international travel.

Probably the only place I journey to regularly outside of Florida would be Texas, which, if you believe the slogan for its tourism campaign, could be considered "a whole other country."

Some advice I would offer to those wishing to travel to Texas is to stick to the eastern part of the state, which is wonderful. Travel to the western part of Texas should be restricted to those who enjoy staring at sand and cacti. Also, if like me, you are unfortunate enough to suffer from an allergy to cedar pollen, I would avoid going there in the spring and early summer. Otherwise, you will find yourself the victim of what the locals call "cedar fever," and spend your trip curled up on a couch, popping Sudafed and having to breathe through your mouth.