{Welcome to a Page That Makes Much to Do about Nothing.}

Guess Who?

My name is Kate McIntyre and I am a reformed journalism major now working towards my English degree at the University of Florida.

The three loves of my life are reading, writing and cooking, and I fell that it is my sacred duty to share these; hence my desire to become an English Teacher and my tendency to give away baked goods.

I hope you enjoy perusing my little slice of web domination.

Box O' Facts

  • I'm from Panama City Beach, FL, which is one of the nation's most popular spring break destinations. If you happen to go there, please try not to make a mess.
  • My friends might describe me as "dry" or "sarcastic." I prefer the term "witty."
  • I hate chick flicks. My two favorite directors are Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Terantino - although, I do also enjoy the occasional musical.