What I like to do when I have free time:

I've always enjoyed photography and try to shoot as many pictures whenever possible. I like being able to freeze a single moment in time and be able to look back at the picture and have the story unravel in my mind.

One of my newest hobbies that I've really enjoyed so far is cooking. Cooking more, I've found myself cooking and eating healtier as well. I try to only use fresh products whenever I cook so that way, I know it's better not just for me but for the environment as well.

Besides cooking, I also love to bake. During holidays or birthdays, whenever I'm able to bake cupcakes, cookies or whatever it may be, I always try to because everyone always loves homemade baked goods!


(Above) For my best friend's birthday, I baked her a batch of her favorite cupcakes and she loved them!

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