Family & Friends

Where would I be without them?


(Above) My mother and I out for lunch. Before I moved away to Gainesville from St. Petersburg, my mother and I would frequently have lunch dates to catch up with one another.

My family and my friends are what keep me going.

My family is a big part of my life and they mean so much to me. They're my motivation and inspiration all at the same time. I always enjoy visits home to see my family and it wouldn't be a family gathering if there wasn't a feast involved. I like learning traditional recipes from my mom and other family members which I hope to only pass on to the next generation.

Close enough to be related...

Kim's Birthday

(Above) Here my friends and I all went out and celebrated our friend's birthday by having dinner and dancing afterwards.

Those who aren't related to me but feel close enough to be are my dear friends. I have an amazing circle of friends who have remained friends for almost a decade now and will only continue that friendship into the future.

I feel so grateful to be able to call people who are the most beautiful I know inside and out my beloved family and friends.

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