About Me


(Above) Here my boyfriend, Sothseray, and I are touring the Boston Harbor. My boyfriend is from Boston and we like to visit as much as we can.

A little bit about Vicky:

I'm an Atlanta native who was raised in St. Petersburg, FL the majority of my life. I'm used to having access to local beaches, art museums, local boutiques and great food all at my fingertips. The beach was a big part growing up in Florida and still is today. The beach is always a great stress reliever.


(Above) This was taken at Venice Beach, Florida when a few friends and I flew a small airplane there and spent the day at the beach.

I hope to one day travel all around the world and cross off all the destinations on my "Top 10 Places to Visit" list. Right now, with school and work taking up most of my time, I'll settle for a quick get away vacation wherever I can squeeze one into my hectic schedule. Just like how Boston and Venice Beach were great experiences, some of my other favorite vacations have been to the Bahamas, Miami and Dallas just to name a few.

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