Throughout my life I have traveled to some amazing places within the United States. I have yet to venture outside the U.S. but I know I will eventually go to countries in Europe.

There are two main reasons for why I have traveled: one is through personal vacations and the second is through band trips. These two types of traveling differ greatly in how you experience the area and spend your time.

Personal Trips!
New York City
New York City Skyline~From Google Images

Apart from band, I vacationed in areas such as New York City, Washington D.C., and New Orleans.

During my high school years I traveled to NYC three times and eventually saw 8 different Broadway shows, which played to my musical and theatrical interests. These vacations amazed me because I had never before experienced a metropolitan city.

Following graduation I visited the capital with my family because I had a growing interest in politics and American government. This trip was unique because we had a flexible schedule that let us dictate how we wanted to experience the area.

Once I reached college, I eventually made it to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras with some close friends. This city was vastly different from the northern cities I had vacationed. The food, architecture, and history were rich with tradition.

My personal travels varied significantly from my band ones because I had the luxury of setting my own agenda. However, each type expanded my view of the country.

Band Trips!

In 2006 and 2008, the band went to the SEC Championship games in Atlanta, Georgia and the BCS National Championship games in Glendale, Arizona ('06) and Miami, Florida ('08). These trips were unique because the atmosphere in each city was electric and the fans were crazy! These games were also my first time in each of the cities, which made the trips memorable.

During the 2007 season, the band traveled to Charelston, South Carolina to play USC. Here I got to explore Charelston's beautiful shores, unique architecture, and great seafood!

WIthin that same year our band went to Orlando for the Orange Bowl. In Orlando, we got to enjoy the Universal Parks and march through Disney's Magic Kingdom. These band trips were key moments to my college experience because I traveled to wonderful places with wonderful people.