Hobbies at UF

Color Guard
Gator Band Spellout
UF Band spells out "Gators" for pregame

During my first three years at UF, I participated in the marching band's color guard also known as Florida Visual Ensemble(FVE). I spun flags, tossed rifles, and danced routines in front of 90,000 Gator fans!

By my third year I became one of two captains on the team. We held responsibilities of writing and teaching all the routines for each show. The most rewarding moment was going to my last game as a captain, the 2008 National Championship in Miami, Florida.

The anticipation of performing on national television exhilerated the entire team during that game. Before we entered the field for our pregame performance, we could hear the crowd cheering! By the crowd's first "Go Gators" I knew it was going to be an experience like no other. That day the Gators beat Oklahoma and the band had a stellar performance of our swing show including an elaborate dance between auxilary and band members.

Tau Beta Sigma

There are two greek service organizations that help promote the band by providing service. One of which is the co-ed sorority called Tau Beta Sigma. I joined this sorority my freshman year and have been a sister of the Beta Xi chapter for almost 4 years.

In the sorority, we provide services to the band including painting the practice field, handing out apples at games, and setting up chairs/stands for band rehearsals. Within these years, I held leadership positions within TBS as the songleader, corresponding secretary, and alumni secretary.

My responsibilities as songleader were to organize and teach school and sorority songs to prospective members and improve the sisterhood's knowledge of them.

As corresponding secretary, I communicated with other chapters throughout the nation and planned our 50th Anniversary celebration, which brought together current and alumni sisters.

When I became the alumni secretary, I improved communication with our alumni through facebook contacts and publishing newsletters. My sorority offered a great opportunity to give back to the band and meet people with similar passions.