Disney's College Program

During the Fall of 2009, I participated in an internship at the Disney World Resort. I got lucky in that my work location was the restaurant in Cinderella's Castle!

In the restaurant Cinderella's Royal Table (CRT), I checked-in and greeted guests, escorted them to their tables, and cleaned and set the tables to ensure it had proper show quality. I also trained as a GT (cashier) to handle all the dining plan and payment methods within the restaurant.

Disney's Diversity
Disney Cast Members from Cinderella's Royal Table
Myself and other Cast Members from Cinderella's Royal Table

One of the defining characteristics of the Disney experience is the diversity among cast members (employees) and guests. My interactions among people from every corner of the world helped develop my communication skills, especially when that person spoke a different language.

Along with this, I learned how to best interact with our guests that had disabilities such as deafness, blindness, or mental handicaps. We focused on treating those guests with the same respect and concern that we provide to all who entered the "happiest place on earth". This high level of guest service is now engrained in everything I do.

After Work!

Apart from my 40 hour work weeks, I spent time taking a Disney class, exploring Orlando, and socializing with my roommates.

I took a Disney class on corporate communication that explored how companies use communication to reach its publics in order to promote their goals.

Outside the classroom, I often visited the Disney theme parks to have fun and learn more about the parks. I often went with my roommates to celebrate fun events such as birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas. This aspect of my internship was crucial because it created lifelong friendships that I will never forget!