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I do enjoy traveling, and I have traveled on many different vehicles including trains, planes and automobiles. My favorite mode of transportation, however, would have to be the Segway. Segways are two-wheeled, electric vehicles that can travel up to 12.5 mph and glide through narrow spaces that most cars cannot enter

I'm sure many of you have seen a Segway and wondered why anyone would want to ride such a ridiculous looking thing. Well, there are many reasons to own a Segway. For one, they are eco-friendly, releasing zero carbon emissions and running on electricity alone. They are also more economical than many other vehicles, ranging in price from $5,000 to $7,000. Segways are also really, really fun to drive. They are incredibly nimble and easy to maneuver. All you have to do is simply lean in the direction you want to go towards and the Segway will take you there.

I rode a Segway during a tour in Paris, and it was the highlight of my trip. Not only did I learn many interesting things about the city, I also got to zip through back roads and see many things I wouldn't have been able to see otherwise.