Current Projects

With three different internships, I always seem to be working on something!

PBG Lifestyle Magazine focuses on the businesses and people around Palm Beach Gardens. I write about one or two articles a month. My stories have ranged from a veterinarian to Clay Aiken. Most importantly, this internship has taught me the significance of a deadline.

Home: Living in the Heart of Florida magazine highlights events and people around Gainesville. This internship has allowed me to try a lot of new things, including skydiving. I have also learned how to work with both my editors and colleagues.

The Warrington Times is the newspaper for the Warrington College of Business Administration, UF's business college. Therefore, my stories consist of start-up businesses around Gainesville and the college's student organizations. This experience has given a me a new found respect for business.

Here are my upcoming projects for March:

PBG Lifestyle Magazine: Home: Living in the Heart of Florida magazine.

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