Growing up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, my family took full advantage of weekend vacations to Disney World. I have taken countless trips Disney which created memories that will last a lifetime.

My family got more adventurous and planned several trips to North Carolina. The mountains create beautiful scenery. Between white water rafting, horseback riding, and bonfires, I will always cherish my time spent in North Carlina.

Moving north on the map, my family and I also traveled to the city that never sleeps! Spending a week in the Big Apple was certainly not enough. I hope to live in New York City in the near future!

Taking a huge leap across the country, I visited my best friend in Los Angelos for her 18th birthday. Everything about California is beautiful. I am planning another trip to LA very soon! I would also love moving to the West Coast!

Last for now, I finally got a passport and traveled to the Bahamas. After spending five days relaxing in the sun with all of my best friends, my Spring Break last year was a major success! Although I am not going back this year, I would definitely recommend the Bahamas to anyone looking for a relaxing vanaction!