Introducing B.Brown

Welcome to my Web site. I designed this site to have a venue to speak about my favorite hobby in the world, music. As an artist I like all types of music but my favorite is HipHop. Since the age of 12, I knew I would always be interested in music. I was chosen to sing solo pieces at all my elementary school recitals and developed a keen sense of rhythm and dance at during my pre-school years. Music has always been a part of my life, so I'd like to share it with you.

As a musician, it takes hard work and dedication to survive in an occupation that's as competitive. While most people especially parents, do not see creating music as a solid, reachable goal in life, I beg to differ. The world of music can be as lucrative and rewarding as the musician/dreamer wants it to be. If you want to market and artist, that option is there. If you are more into scouting for talent, feel free. Music is not just about creating it's about feeling. What ever feeling you get from a song determines if it was successful or not.

I also created this site because I was upset at the way the music industry is going. More and more artists with nothing to write about are shaping the industry and frankly it sucks. My biggest problem with that is the fact that these lackluster artists set examples for other artists who are trying to make it big with their music. Another problem is that while the aforementioned artists gobble up all the lime light, the better, more suited musicians are given no recognition due to a lack of funds or gimmicks. Music shouldn't be about gimmicks.

Before I continue on with my rant about the ills of today's music, let me ask that you please take some time to familiarize yourself with the music of my favorite artists as well as take a listen to songs I've created. I've placed a few songs on my music page to give you a better sense of my style. Also, take a look my official Web site for everything good in the entertainment industry. Thank you and welcome again to my Web site.