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About Me

I haven't always known what I want to do professionally. In fact, it came after years and years of trial and error. Born in Los Angeles, California, as a young girl I dreamed of being a doctor, perhaps even a neurosurgeon like Ben Carsen M.D. Later, in middle school in Miami, FL, I wanted to be an actress like my mother. In High School, it was marine biology so I visited schools on California's beautiful pacific coast. Only one more pitstop until I found, what I believe to be, my true calling: communications. After a few dropped classes as a nursing major at UF, the linguistics based telecommunications courses felt like a homecooked meal after being away for months. I immediately knew it was a perfect fit.

Simone Boyce, W-U-F-T News

From that point I have enjoyed many aspects of communications and all the myriad vocations that seem to branch off of the umbrella of telecommunications. I began as a radio student pursuing air-time on our school's AM radio station. Initially, I wanted to do sports broadcasting so I spent the majority of my time conducting interviews with members of the Univeristy of Florida football team and staff. About a year later I segwayed into television which is where I have spent most of my time as a broadcasting major. I enjoy reporting the entertainment news on WUFT. I've come to really love producing the news as well.

I truly didn't know what I wanted to do until I interned at Overture Films last summer in Los Angeles.

I like to call Overture a place of opportunity. The company is young, small and daring which gives interns lots of room for growth and learning. I was able to intern in three departments: publicity, special events and creative advertising. My desk was conveniently located between the publicity and creative advertising departments.

Besides my career, another one of my interests is the Internet and the vast amount of knowledge that is available inside it. I recently just launched my professional website at In addition to serving as a reference point for employers, I also use the site as an entertainment and technology blog. I update the site daily with relevant articles, links and videos. I market the website myself using all varieties of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. In the past week, I have been able to secure over 100 new Twitter followers by tweeting and updating my site regularly. I also like to stay abreast of technology and social media news by following other blogs that you will find on my "Links" page. I believe it is not only a generational necessity but a wise idea to use the Internet to its full capacity. I am excited to continuously expand my knowledge on the subject as I get older and enter the workforce.

But until I return to Los Angeles for my big move after graduation, I'm having fun doing entertainment reporting at WUFT-TV News in Gainesville. Watch the video below for an example of my work.

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