From N.Y. to Fla.

I am originally from New York. I moved to Florida in 2006 when I got accepted to UF. I grew up in the suburbs just north of the city. My parents commuted to the city to work. Growing up, I visited Manhattan and Brooklyn frequently. There is no place like New York.

New York City

Since moving to Gainesville, I have gotten used to living in a small southern city. But trust me, it took some time to adjust. Now, New York is beginning to feel like the place where I grew up and not so much home. My family still lives in New York but my visits home are less frequent.

If I were to suggest how to get along in New York, the first thing I would say is "watch your back." New York is different in the sense that everyone is just trying to get by. No one cares too much about common courtesy. I would tell a visitor to not take other people's attitudes or shoves personally. People are not being rude on purpose. Sometimes I find the New Yorker comes out in me when I get impatient. My boyfriend makes fun of me for it, but it's how I grew up. I would tell a visitor to bring a lot of money if he or she is heading to Manhattan. It's pretty expensive compared to other areas of the country. Fine dining and shopping could rack up a $300 bill easily. People who are not big shoppers would still have to pay food and transportation costs ranging around $60.