I love to run!

My main hobby is running. I love to run because it helps me deal with stress in a healthy way. I used to run a lot in my teens, but I stopped when I went to college.

Running a 10K.

Recently, I have taken up running again. I completed my first marathon in New York in November. I ran the 40th New York City Marathon.

It was an incredible experience. I wouldn't trade that day for anything. The feeling of completing a lifetime dream will stick with me forever. It was pretty cool to see my family come out and support me. I felt bad because they ended up chasing me around the city. They said they didn't mind, but I am sure they ended up walking 26.2 miles trying to find me. The weather was beautiful, and the crowds were amazing. I could feel the patriotism.

I train with a running group in Gainesville known as the Florida Track Club.

I love training with a team and competing in races all around Florida. Group training has helped me increase my speed, keep my motivation and enjoy the journey of running. My ultimate goal is to run the Boston Marathon. For now, I am working on getting a faster pace and competing in local road races around Florida.