Cinque Terre

One thing that ties my family together is that we are adventurous. I inherited the love of traveling from my family. We have gone on so many vacations and there aren't enough cells in my brain to help me remember where I have been to. However, some places I have gone to are the Caribbean (cruise ships!!), California, New York, Italy, and Walt Disney World (which we go to every year). My family and I also do plenty of camping because my brother is a cub scout.

My favorite vacation was definitely California. My family and I stayed in Orange County and the transition from flat land in Florida to mountains was breathtaking. The restaurants we went to were seated atop mountains and right next to the beaches. Not only were the scenery and food exquisite, but the malls were amazing. They were huge and they had chocolate shops on every corner- perfect for satisfying my sweet tooth. The summer weather wasn't dreadfully hot and humid like in Florida; it was cool and breezy. If there is such thing as perfection, California defines it.

Next vacation on my family's list: Universal Studios to experience the new Harry Potter theme park!