My trip

I first visited Las Vegas when I was 16 with my best friend and her family. The Las Vegas strip stole my attention. I was dazzled by all the lights, the glitzy costumes and the synchronized waterfall shows at The Bellagio Hotel and Casino. We stayed at the New York New York Hotel and Casino and rode the roller coaster inside. We ate gelato at the Venetian and attended a stand-up comedy show. I remember being stunned every time I turned my head. Everything in Vegas was bigger and fancier than anywhere I had seen.

I revisited Las Vegas with my family this past summer. We drove from Colorado. The canyons through Utah, Arizona and Nevada took my breath away. Besides the drive, my favorite part, during our stay this past year, was the Cirque Du Soleil show "O". The stunts into the pool were incredible!

If I ever venture there again, here are a few pointers I would follow:

My suggestions for your stay in Las Vegas: