Amanda Aschenbrenner - Graphics

Internship experience

Grape Juice Records 5th Anniversary t-shirt design contest submission This past summer I held a marketing internship with Threaded INK Media. One of my tasks was to create and manage a Twitter account for the company. At the drawing board for an account name, I came up with "Design Guru." Although this is a catchy Twitter name, it did not reference the company's name, thus, it would not have been a profitable name to use."Design Guru" came to be my Twitter account name and has since stuck with me.

I was introduced to Adobe Illustrator CS4 and Adobe Photoshop CS4 at Threaded INK Media. The on-site designers showed me how to use the programs and helped me create my first few designs. I grew to love graphic art in that short time and am now continuing my education in design in my school and extracurricular studies. The skills I learned this past summer are very valuable to my success today and will carry with me in the future. Just this year, I designed the Warrington Welcome class of 2013 shirt for the School of Business and entered Grape Juice Records 5th Anniversary T-shirt Design Contest. The latter design is on the right. This was my submission to their national T-shirt design contest. I did not win, however, I was in first place midway through the competition and received praise that this was a very impressive design for my experience level.