I have lived in many different places in my life. This is mostly due to my father's job in the Navy. I have lived in Washington, California, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, Illinois, and Kansas. My favorite places that I have lived and the places that changed me the most were Charleston, SC, Puerto Rico,and Chicago, Illinois.

Charleston is a beautiful city with a very rich history. It is filled with landmarks of America's past and great people. It also recently established itself as a center for fine dining and upscale boutiques.The photo on this page is of one of my favorite fountains in the city.

Puerto Rico is in my blood and will always feel like home. My father is Puerto Rican and most of my family lives there. The entire island is a beautiful mix of old and new. The culture is unique: the food, music, history, and even the language are things that you will never be able to forget.

Chicago, Illinois is a place I lived in for a very short period of time. I attended Columbia College and studied film while there. I was enthralled by the big city. I always felt a rush of excitement when the Metro rushed up to the platform. Chicago is a city that is constantly being reshaped by the creativity of the people living there. I thought it was one of the most interesting places I have ever been.