My Photography

This is a sample of some of my photos. All other photos on the website are mine as well.

Photo of Kyle

This is a photo of my very patient boyfriend, Kyle. He has been my model many times over and is my favorite. The photo uses subtractive lighting using one external flash unit.

Mumu the cat

This photo was taken for a class to demonstrate translucence. The cat itself is very ornery and did not like to stay still.

Roller Derby Girl

This photo was a part of a much larger, semester long project that included over 50 photos and audio. The end result was a detailed look into the life of a new member of the Gainesville Roller Rebels.


This photo was a 2-light studio shoot produced for class. I used a snoot to create a femme-fatale type lighting. Both the model and myself were very happy with the end result of this shoot.