I've only worked two jobs and both of them are fairly related.

My first job was at McAlister's Deli on Newberry Rd right next to the mall. I worked in the kitchen where I made food, washed dishes, cleaned up, and hung out and slacked off. I got fairly good and was known as the fastest sandwich maker and also at the same time the sandwich maker with the best "presentation."

I worked there for two years and then quit because I was given a lot of responsibility but no increase in pay.

My current job is at Publix. I work in the deli area of the Haile Plantation Publix. My job responsiblities include frying chicken, serving chicken, making subs, and cutting deli meats, as well as washing dishes and cleaning and stocking deli related shelves. They're really strict at Publix and it makes me regret ever quitting McAlister's. To top it off I have a sneaking suspicion that my manager hates me. I'm putting my two weeks in pretty soon.