One of my biggest interests is music. I'm into a lot of different types of music and I thought it would be neat to list a couple albums I've been listening to lately and throw in a couple words for each of them. This isn't a top whatever of all time sort of list. Instead, this is just a compilation of various CDs I've been listening to a lot lately.

Album art of In Rainbows by Radiohead Radiohead's newest album has become an instant favorite for me from the very first time I heard it. Every track is amazing and I have nothing but good things to say about the album. Everyone I've let listen to it completely agrees and it's no surprise that the tickets to their concert in tampa sold out before I could grab one literally ten minutes after they went on sale.
Album art of Second Stage Turbine by Coheed and Cambria One of the first songs I heard by Coheed and Cambria came off of this CD. It's their first album and still my favorite. Recent albums by the band have veered away from the sound of this CD. Don't get me wrong, they still make good music, I just wish it was similar to this CD. Great "prog rock" sound I guess you could call it and every track is a good one.
Album art of Origin of Symmetry by MuseProbably my favorite band of all time: Muse. This is my favorite CD of their's. Lots of minor piano assisted rock songs and amazing singing. I like most of the tracks off of the CD, and although there are a couple tracks I skip it's only because the rest of them are sooooo good.
Album art of the first Mars Volta CDWhen I first got a hold of this CD it didn't leave my CD player for weeks. It has a very creepy vibe and is apparently based on the death of a friend of the band's. The whole CD tells a story and oddly enough it's the music that makes it impossible to just listen to one song. I've often had to go home and finish listening to it because it was so good. Several years later this still gets tons of play time on my iPod.
Album art of Comfort Eagle by CakeCake is one of those bands that is hard not to like. I've even heard people describe Cake to friends by saying, "Everyone loves Cake!" The songs are catchy/pop-ish but still retain a lot of musical prowess that impresses me, but the best thing about Cake is the lyrics. It's good stuff. This is my favorite CD by them but the others are pretty awesome too.
Album art of The Crane Wife by the DecemberistsThe Decemberists are more relaxed and acoustic centered than most of the music I listen to but I still love them. The singer/song writer has this old timey vibe to him and his lyrics bring forth 18th century images. I love it.
Album art of Demon Days by GorillazI never really liked the Gorillaz before but this CD changed my opinion of them. Lots of good/crazy sounding stuff. I love it.