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Interact with Gainesville

Featured topic for February: Astronomy

Gainesville, Florida is a great place to live. The people are friendly, there are still a lot of trees, and there's always tons of interesting stuff going on. To top that, the weather is beautiful most of the year.

Folks with children, though, are sometimes limited to kid-friendly environments. The mission of this Web site is to seek out fun places for families in Gainesville, to come up with interactive games and activities to learn about the city and beyond, perhaps even to develop a stronger sense of community, and family, along the way.

The site will feature monthly topics, from astronomy to agriculture, from pathways to waterways, and much more. Topics may be connected to something interesting happening during the month, or they may materialize on a whim. If you think you might have a creative idea to share, I'm happy to hear about it. Please send an e-mail to the contact link below or on the About page.

So get ready for some adventure, my fellow city explorers, and don't forget your camera or journal. Let's go see what we can find!