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♥ amanda's trip to europe. ♥

me & tash in london eiffel tower tower of piza swiss waterfall castle in germany

countries i visted.

  • Great Britain: I was extremely jet lagged so I kind of forgot what was in the museums. Buckingham Palace was so incredible to see. The guards were so cool and no you can't poke them.

  • France: I became sick when we visited Paris so I missed out on going to the Louvre. Luckily I was well enough to see the Eiffel tower light up at night. We visited a small town on the south side France which was the best part of France for me.

  • Italy: Italy was my favorite it was beautiful, the people where extremely polite, and the hotel we stayed at was a villa on the beach. It was by far the best country on the trip.

  • Switzerland: Switzerland was so peaceful, and serine. Everywhere we went I could see the Swiss Alps, which brought me back to nature. Not to mention the chocolate was amazing and the pay phones were cheap.

  • Germany:Germany was another country where people were really nice. The castles in Germany were so medieval that I felt like I went back in time. I visited Dauchau the concentration camp, which touched my soul to walk the same steps where so many people were harmed.Berlin was so quaint for being such a large town; it felt so much like home that I didn't want to leave.

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