Haiti: A West Indian Pearl

Although, I am not a native of the West Indian pearl, Haiti, its culture is a huge part of who I am. Both of my parents were born in Haiti and brought many of their traditional customs with them as they traveled to America. I grew up speaking Haitian Creole, eating Haitian cuisine and practicing customs only know to other Haitians.

Haitian Flag

Haitian Creole,also known as Kreyol, is the true tongue of Haiti, growing up in an American culture has caused me to speak Kr-English with many of my Haitian peers. Kr-English is nothing more than speaking Creole and inserting English words wherever it is convenient.

Haitian Cuisine...

My favorite Haitian dish, along with many of my Haitian friends, is fried pork, fried plantain and hot slaw. In Creole it is known as griot, bannann pezze and piklis. My hometown is Miami, FL and this dish is popular in South Florida. It can be purchased in a neighborhood of Miami known to many as Little Haiti. It is not the only neighborhood it can be purchased in, however it is one of the most popular.

Fried Pork and Hotslaw Fried Plantains

Fait La Force."

-Haiti's National Slogan-

(Strength is in Unity)

Little Haiti...

The name exemplifies exactly what this area entails; and that is a place where Haitian people, culture, food and music are readily available at all times. Haitian customs and traditions are a part of me and I will ensure that as I begin my own family, it will remain a part of who they are as well.

Image of Haitian flag provided by:msorel79/flickr
Image of fried pork and hot slaw provided by:Jake Slagle/flickr
Image of fried plantains provided by: http://elcaribenet.com/mystuff/platanosparamofongotostones.jpg