* Note: I’m sorry to announce no early days and high school photos are available at this moment. This will be fixed soon.

The early days

Everything began in Madrid. After torturing my mother for two days, I decided to choke myself up, and doctors decide to force me to born. After the caesarean section and a lot of crying, Adriana was born. Blue and mad, but healthy.

At the age of three, I moved out to my current town, Boadilla, to a bug house with a nice pool and backyard. I used to eat sand from the floor. I argued that, after raining and once the puddles evaporate, the dry mud seemed like chocolate, and kids like chocolate!. Don’t judge me, I had my point.

My first school was José Bergamín. More sand eating, lots of marbles playing and six years after, I had my first growing up thing: Time to High School.

High School Time

I’m proud to say that I wasn’t an ordinary teenager girl. I really enjoyed sports (I still do), so every year I practice a different one: swimming, tennis, soccer, ice skating… until I found the perfect one: basketball.

I did well on high school… good grades, English learning, sports practising, friends hanging out time… a few boys-related issues, but I survived. Four is the magic number of the boyfriends I had during my teen time. If I could come back.. I would date again just one of them and probably treated him differently… but It would have been so much fun without that brainwash teen love… Just hanging out with my friends, practice sports, playing games and go to the movies. Just fun, no worries.

The last year of high school was confusing, bussy and hard, but I did well and got to be accepted in the University I wanted.GO UP

College baby!

It turned out that the major I chose wasn’t the good choice for me and, after two years, I changed it and started over. Best decision of mi life so far. I’m the happiest person right now. I love the path I chose and I think I’m good at it… could I ask anything else?


College years has been really good so far. I’m really enjoying them with some new, and very close, friends. My effort and interest in what I do and study will pay off with a Job I'll like doing. Each semester I get good grades and I still have time to enjoymy college years, which are the best of one’s life, they say.GO UP

Job related stories

In terms of job, just one was directly related with what I want to do: my Europroducciones Internship. Hated it. Some Spanish television production companies are just terrible, and Europroducciones is one of them. However I’ve been working in the university for four years, in computer lab, and I really liked it. I learned and it wasn’t too boring or tiring.

I also loved my time working at a movie theatre. Young co-workers, good paying, entertaining tasks and… the most important thing for me: free tickets! :) Big movies fan here! Here is when it comes my time at Blockbuster. So great. Good salary too, close to home, free movie rentals and a bunch of cinema and television magazines to read while working. The best thing? Talking with the costumers about the movies. I made some regular costumers who came to rent movies in my shift because they always loved my recommendations :) GO UP



I’m living one of my main dreams and goals: Studying in an US University. As a result of my effort at University Rey Juan Carlos, I was granted with a full scholarship to study for a semester in University of Florida.

It’s been hard but also one of the best times of my life so far. I’m enjoying and proud to be a Gator! GO UP